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"Here is a Christmas story that will fascinate young readers with its humor, sweetness, and just old fashioned fun! Complete with sassy dialogue and interesting ‘characters’, this delightful holiday novel will capture the imagination of boys and girls everywhere. The author successfully touches on the themes of family, courage, and the magic of Christmas, and he manages to do all this in a novel for the early reader!

As a school librarian, this early chapter book is a must-have for the younger crowd! BOBBY BRIGHT IS MY HERO!”

Phyllis Clark—Retired Elementary School Librarian
Oklahoma City, OK



"Bobby Bright will be a must read holiday tradition in our family!"

Stacey Kannenberg

Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten
Let’s Get Ready for First Grade

Fredonia, WI



"I don’t think I can ever see Christmas lights the same way after reading this story. I will always be reminded of this when I see those lights and think what they would be feeling if indeed they were alive".

Tina Miller---Literary Reader, Anthony M Furman, Inc.
New York, NY



"Once you really like a book like Bobby Bright, you just blaze through it. If it became a movie it would be awesome".

Jake Bardell---Fourth grade student, Quail Creek Elementary
Oklahoma City, OK



This should be required reading to light the imagination of every child. It is a truly unique, imaginative, and touching story.

Bishop R.K. Miller---Christian Ministries, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA



After reading the Bobby Bright books you will never look at your Christmas tree the same! The books are awesome!

I am a Third Grade teacher and my students love Bobby Bright. Bobby has inspired students throughout the years to write their own books with Bobby in them. They have dressed as Bobby for character book reports. My own son has a tree we keep up year round with a set of bulbs that he is sure Bobby is on.

John Brooks had a wonderful idea in creating Bobby Bright. At Calumet Schools Bobby is our hero. After all, he was created in Calumet, Saskatchewan! 


Lindy Renbarger
Calumet, OK


"Bobby Bright’s Greatest Christmas Ever is a magical holiday novel for young children, about a strand of Christmas tree light bulbs miraculously created with the amazing ability to talk among themselves. They hope to shine brightly at Christmastime and make everyone happy; but year after year, they are condemned to the back of the McGillicuddy’s Christmas tree. On the tenth year, The Bright family of bulbs and blue bulb Bobby Bright in particular finally gets a chance to shine. Excitement ensues when the McGillicuddy’s grandson, Remington, comes by for Christmas and discovers for himself the unique and amazing Christmas tree bulbs! A HEARTWARMING AND CHEERFUL READ."

James A. Cox
Midwest Book Review
Oregon, WI



Read the Bobby Bright Series in this order!


Bobby Bright's Greatest Christmas Ever

An amazing event takes place in the world’s largest factory that produces Christmas light bulbs.  A strand of bulbs
is jolted with an electrical charge and one bulb named Bobby is injected with unique powers.

When Bobby and his family of bulbs, who can actually talk among themselves, arrive at the McGillicuddy’s house, they are expecting to shine brilliantly and make people happy. The very opposite happens and for nine years Bobby and his family are relegated to the back of the McGillicuddy’s Christmas tree.

Then in the tenth year, a series of events, topped off by Bobby’s magical powers, gives the Bright family strand a real chance to shine. The fun really begins when the McGillicuddy’s grandson, Remington, shows up for Christmas and discovers how different the bulbs are on his tiny tree. When magical things begin to happen Bobby Bright’s Christmas gets better and yours will too.

Bobby Bright's Christmas Heroics

A deadly tornado approaches and a Christmas tree light bulb saves the day? Only if that bulb is Bobby Bright, the world’s most amazing and magical bulb.

It’s another Christmas of excitement and thrills for the McGillicuddy family, including 8-year old grandson Remington’s scary bed-jumping accident, lots of silly episodes with goofy Mr. McGillicuddy, and magical Bobby saving everyone, including his own family of bulbs, from trouble.

The Bright family, the only strand of talking Christmas tree lights in the universe, is back to save the McGillicuddys from harm and, in so doing, teach the reader valuable lessons about teamwork, obedience, and love of family. And, for the first time ever, you will be able to learn some actual words in the bulbs’ own unique language, “Bulbese.” (See the special page inside.)

It’s another thrilling Bobby Bright adventure filled with danger, tears, laughter, special friendships, and a surprise ending that will leave you asking, what next?


Bobby Bright's Spends Christmas in Spain

In book three of the Bobby Bright series, the world’s first talking Christmas tree light bulb faces
his greatest challenge ever. The McGillicuddys are going to Spain this Christmas to visit their
nine-year old grandson, Remington—and Bobby Bright, the world’s most amazing and magical
Christmas tree light bulb, is also determined to go.

Bobby Bright and his amazing family of magical
Christmas tree lights are facing two years locked away in a dark closet when Bobby discovers a way to smuggle the bulbs into the McGillicuddy’s luggage. Once in Madrid, the fun begins. Bobby and his family are able to shine for more than fifty children at Remington’s special Christmas party.

There is more excitement when Remington
sneaks Bobby off his tiny tree and together they
visit the Royal Palace, a thrilling bullfight, and one of the world’s greatest parades. However, danger lurks around the corner. During a colorful nighttime Christmas pageant in downtown Madrid, Remington is separated from his family.

Frightened and alone in a scary dark plaza, there
is no one to save him until Bobby and a scruffy
and tattered homeless woman come to his rescue when Bobby Bright Spends Christmas in Spain.

Bobby Bright Becomes a Professor

(And is Lost at Sea)

After last Christmas Remington’s grandparents left their mysterious strand of lights with their grandson when they returned home from Spain. 

As time passes, and Remington has a chance to be with his bulbs every day, he decides to try and get Bobby to say a human word other than Bobby’s name. However, while Bobby is trying so hard to say human words, suddenly Remington also becomes a student. He is challenged to say some words in Bobby’s language of “Bulbese”.

By the time summer arrives and Mr. and Mrs. McGillicuddy return for a visit, Bobby and Remington have both earned their diplomas, while learning from each other. Now it is time for some fun. 

Remington and his family arrive in an exciting Spanish town for a vacation at the beach. But the fun turns to tragedy when Remington loses his bulb, Bobby, as they frolic in the waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

In the last three years Bobby Bright has saved members of his own family from being thrown away in the trash, saved Mrs. McGillicuddy from death during a tornado, saved Remington from a terrible accident, and from being lost in downtown Madrid, Spain, but now the world’s most amazing bulb faces the biggest challenge of his life---SAVING HIMSELF.

Bobby Bright Meets His Maker

(The Shocking Truth is Revealed)

Remington and his parents have returned home from living in Spain for the past year and a half.

Remington will again enjoy the tiny Christmas tree in his grandparents’ guest room and the amazing strand of bulbs that includes his magical friend Bobby Bright.

But this year there is another surprise. Mr. and Mrs. McGillicuddy have invited an old relative they met many years ago to join them for Christmas. He is a very lonely man who has been alone for years during Christmas. But now he meets Remington and his parents, and Remington’s nanny from Spain and suddenly a strange story is learned.

During the days prior to Christmas “Old Bob” McGillicuddy and Remington become friends and Remington shows him his magical bulb, Bobby.

It isn’t long before “Old Bob” realizes the bulbs on the strand have a history that he is very aware of. He knows why and how they became injected with magical powers. When Remington hears the story he knows he must do something that will be very painful. He makes the decision to give Bobby Bright and his family of bulbs away forever.

Just as it is about to happen, the shocking truth is revealed and you the reader will not believe it can be true. But it is, and it is the reason the Bobby Bright story and series will be no more.

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